Current Parking Stickers

Remotely Update Contacts

You can now remotely manage your emergency contacts from any location, any time. Add upto 6 global contacts and always stay connected with your teams in an emergency, instantly


Plans for Gated Communities

Apart from providing value addition to the gated community with regards to easy and quick identification, verification of vehicles. Our tags come with features like emergency contact solutions in an emergency extending the usability of the parking tags

Plans for Corporate Parking

While providing stylish branded vehicle tags for easy validation and identification, our tags can also provide value addition to the employee but providing on time and immediate emergency contact services. Tags can also be color coded based on employee grades

Plans for Business Parks

Temporary and long term parking stickers can be stressful for the Park Security as well as for the vehicle owner, at times due to rotation of staff assigning multiple tags to multiple users for a single parking could be a pain point that we can address along with the emergency contact service

Common Across All Plans

Taxi Commute

Incase of non availibility of an ambulance, even cab commute expenses can be reimbured upto ₹ 10,000

Hospital Expenses

Incase of hospitalization, hospital expenses upto ₹ 10,000 can be reimbursed


Incase of total of partial disability, compensation is provided


In the unfortunate event of the death of the registered user, compensation is further provided to the nomine

Claim Support

Apart from providing world class service in this emergency service platform. We would also assist a user on any claims due

Value Addions

Time to time system enhancement updates would be provided to all users including value additions on services offered

6 Global Contacts

Add and Manage upto 6 Global contacts and take control of your emergency contacts from anywhere, anytime

Privacy Protect

On every emergency action that needs to get the first responder in contact with the emergency contact. No contact numbers are shared with anyone

Fall-Back Tech

Zero dependancies on technology or location except any working camera phone with active data plan

Potential User Groups

Parking Tags

With management of vehicle entry into a gated community, many societies distribute parking stickers; these tags can replace the parking stickers and even serve as an emergency contact if that vehicle meets with an accident.


Today incentives to visit new construction sites, data centers, avail test drives are often followed up with branded mementos with little or no incentive for the person receiving the same to retain them. Using the vehicle tags the mementos would be retained for almost a year


Corporate houses have parking slots in a common area, to help the parking attendant to easily identify the vehicle allowed in the designated parking slots, at times stickers are provided. These tags can replace the stickers giving additional emergency contact service.


This is a large sector and it’s still divided from being organised to majorly unorganised. Once a vehicle exchanges hands to a new owner, the intermediary partner(IP) is forgotten. Using these tags the (IP) can get extended mileage in prime location and that could convert into additional business opportunities


For better parking management, vehicles are issued colour coded tags to distinctly identify the vehicle belonging to which parking category. For example clubs members, owners and tenants, building wise colour codes, vip parking etc

Advertising &

High cost to acquire a customer and then retain them require high marketing budgets. Using these vehicle tags can help build your brand image, retain your customers and even get extended annually advertising space in the most prime area.

Corporate Gifting

While we live in era of gifting, traditionally gifts have been centered around sweets and other goodies, however today with medical conditions and health conscious patrons, gifting someone something that’s lasts a whole year would be much appreciated and stand out from other gifts

Product Inclusions

Tags Cost

Tag Printing Optional

You can opt for the Tag Generation only or complete Delivery of Tags and use your Current Card Process

Cost to

Insurance Optional

Insurance is included on the plans, however you may wish to opt out of bundling the fully loaded offerings

Taxes &

GST Compliance Mandatory

Having a GST number is Mandatory. All costs are for delivery in India. Any extra requests would be bill extra

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