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We all need to travel either for work or to unwind and with travel there is always a risk of encountering an unpleasent event like an accident. In such a scenario how does someone reach out to your emergency contact.

In another situation we could leave behind some of our dearest possessions which are found by someone who would like to reach out to you and return the same. How is this possible without the person having some contact tracing facility and it is definately not advisable to put your contact number directly that could be misused.

We have a solution for these situations. We can help connect both the parties securely over our network after proper verification and even go that extra mile to provide other value additions.

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Low Cost Universal QR Code Tags

QR Codes have endless possibilties at very low cost. Let us customise your a solution for you once we analyse your requirement, check out feasible options available and suggest the best fit in terms or features & budget.

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Custom Made Key Chains

We make innovate Premium Key Chains from genuine leather and Brass / Waste pieces of Teak Wood giving both value for money & being enviroment conscious. These are track back keychains in case they are lost.

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Bridge Connector

At OyeKidhar we have built a Bridge Connect Solution to securely patch multiple people on a call or other commucation modes without compromising on everyone’s privacy along the entire process.

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Live-Tracking Solutions

Live-Tracking is a key component for all the stakeholders in the delivery chain or even for an individuals peace of mind. We would be happy to discuss a solution that best fits your requirement.

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Fleet Tracking Solutions

Managing a fleet is no easy task and it is now imperitive to have and keep upgrading your fleet management tools. While innovation in this space is continous maintaining a cost balance is critial.