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Effective App Retention & Engagement

Choose the plan that suits your User Retention & Engagement needs. You can customise the interaction and retain your Brand identity. You can also add an extended revenue module as well.


Our Services

Plans for Apps starting out with their listing and user acquisition

We understand that when you list on the App Store, the challenges include user acquisition and other related costs. We can help reduce your cash outflow.

Plans for Apps rolling out campaigns to enable retention.

After user acquisition the next challenge is to retain the user, we can enable this into your app with our SDK that would reduce your user retention cost.

Plans for Apps looking to enhance user engagement.

Ok you have acquired the user and have managed to retain them as well, the next challenge is to keep them engagement and enhance their user engagement experience

Common Across All Plans

Taxi Commute

Incase of non availibility of an ambulance, even cab commute expenses can be reimbured upto ₹ 10,000

Hospital Expenses

Incase of hospitalization, hospital expenses upto ₹ 10,000 can be reimbursed


Incase of total of partial disability, compensation is provided


In the unfortunate event of the death of the registered user, compensation is further provided to the nomine

Claim Support

Apart from providing world class service in this emergency service platform. We would also assist a user on any claims due

Value Addions

Time to time system enhancement updates would be provided to all users including value additions on services offered

6 Global Contacts

Add and Manage upto 6 Global contacts and take control of your emergency contacts from anywhere, anytime

Privacy Protect

On every emergency action that needs to get the first responder in contact with the emergency contact. No contact numbers are shared with anyone

Fall-Back Tech

Zero dependancies on technology or location except any working camera phone with active data plan

Potential User Groups


After user acquisition, the most important task is to retain the user. If the user can be retained over and above the average industry standards at lower costs makes our offerings a must have over other apps juggling for space on the users phone.

Transaction based

While the offerings remain the same, users can be incentivised to access and transact using your app to continue enjoying the validity of the offerings and unlocking premium features

Lower cost to retain

Retaining or reacquiring a customer comes with its share of resource deployment from SMS costs to other retainer strategies, having a lower cost of retaining a customer from the beginning works as a winning formula

Personalised screens

The app user gets the flexibility to manage their screen as well as profile on the service integrated via your app itself. This gives the user greater freedom to frequently update and change personal screens by engaging with your app


As a brand you also get branding on the personalised screens set by the app user. This gives the brand greater visibility and easy recall for not just the user but others who engage with your user during their professional and social engagements

SDK integration support

The SDK integrated into your mobile application can be managed by your own application development team and any integration support required is provided

Product Inclusions

SDK Customisation Cost

Choose the billing

You can opt a billing plan as per your budget. Customisation of the SDK is also possible and billed extra based on the scope defined

Cost to

Insurance Optional

Insurance is included on the plans, however you may wish to opt out of bundling the fully loaded offerings

Taxes &

GST ComplianceMadatory

Having a GST number is Mandatory. All costs are for delivery in India. Any extra requests would be bill extra

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