The following expenses are reimbursed subject to terms

  • Ambulance expenses upto ₹ 10,000

  • Medical expenses upto ₹10,000

Note :

  • This is a working BETA solution
  • You can use any QR code scanner to scan the code

How to use

  • Point the camera towards the QR code.

  • Wait for the beep (this means the reading is complete)

  • The relevant page would be displayed above the scanning area.

  • IMPORTANT : Copy the section after the first ‘/’ after the .com for example if the display shows
    You need to copy only 123456

  • Paste the copied matter in the go to page below the scanning area.

  • Press the “GO” button,
    The relevant page will open.

  • Complete the short form to connect with the person who has lost an item you that have found or to reach to an emergency contact in case of an accident..

Downloading ...

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