Simple. Effective. Reliable.

We have kept the system simple to use yet making it effective, reliable and most important secure. All calls are screened and recorded .

Let’s get started
Registration is mandatory for all plans


Select the Preferred Plan and proceed to complete the registration form.

Make a Payment
If opted for a paid plan, else you wont be shown this section

Choose combo, make payment.

Choose the preferred combo required and make a payment online using your preferred payment mode

Again this is only applicable for the paid plans else this step would not be relevant

Merchandise Dispatched

We ensure your combination selected meets our quality standards and are packed with love and dispatched.

Print & Place if DIY plan selected

Place the QR

You can choose to use the QR on any item you wish from a vehicle, a personal gadget, a pet, baggage or whatever you feel necessary

Lost an item tagged
Please ensure that you tag as many items as possible

If item is lost

Chances are that a finder would like to return the same but would not know whom to reach out to and you can’t leave your contact number on every item as it can be misused.

Reaching Out
Secure bridge connect solution

A finder wishes to reach out

We collect relevant information about the finder and verify the details. This is done to ensure the caller is genuine

Privacy Connected Call
Auto dials next available emergency contact no

Conference Call

We connect the caller via a conference call to the next available emergency contact in case of an accident or the registered user first and then the next emergency contact.
All the calls are recorded.


Accidents are never predictable
We have taken care of a few things

Accident Case

The first respondent can reach out the emergency contact no and we reimburse any ambulance expenses up to ₹ 10,000 if the member as opted for any of the combo plans and requires hospitalization.

Further any hospitalization expenses up to ₹ 10,000 incurred by the member who has opted for any of the combo plans are also reimbursed

We take this very seriously
We liaison with the Insurance Claim Department

Claims Settlement

In the unfortunate event of a loss of life of anyone who has opted for a combo plan and having a valid term of use, we ensure that the next of kin receives a compensation from the Insurance Company

365 days validity
For Basic, Premium & Limited Combo Plans


Daily renewal required for FREE Plan

DIY Plan has 180 days validity and does not include any other benefits besides using the technology .