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Basic to some exclusive options

You can choose from available keychains to reduce the development cost or we could start from a clean slate

Product replicas on the dashboard

No better way of getting great brand visibilty than having your brand packaging replica always within eye contact of your customers

Standard dashboard stands

These could be the most cost effective option unless there is a custom requirement that would need some R&D on safety

The ServiceWhat can be doneHow it can be done

We have an emergency contact service platform that helps in case of an accident or loss of property. . The platform automatically connects the first responder or the finder with the emergency contacts instantly on a conference call without sharing any numbers and without downloading any app.

We can deliver this service via multiple products like Vehicle Tags which can double up as parking stickers, Keychains (so the finder can connect with the owner to return or in case of two wheelers as an emergency contact incase of an accident), Bag tags, employee ID card addons and even have an SDK that can be integrated into mobile applications.

The offline activity can also be linked directly to sales or user generated social media content or be used to generate leads and reward customers with loyalty.

To enable this service to reach the audience at an economical price, one of the options available is to co-brand these products with brands looking to engage with their customers differently and on a long term basis.

The brands get flexibility to choose the medium to deliver this service and also the length of the campaign. They can also customise the services bundled with their campaign.

Brands can identify the target user base using multiple out-of-the-box filters like

4 wheelers 
Within a defined area, housing society, vehicle brand, color, fuel type or any criteria that works based on the campaign planned

2 wheelers 
Again most of the same filters that are defined under the 4 wheeler section

Clubs & Associations
Choose from sporting clubs or industry specific associations

Gated Communities
This can be based on the target area for which the campaign is planned

Other sub-categories
Gender, Age, Education are also available for selection

Once the target audience for the campaign is selected. The next step is to identify the medium to deliver the campaign. Here again the brand had complete flexibility to identify the branding opportunity. 

For example 
Beverage Brands
Could use an aluminium  can as a dashboard decor item for a vehicle to resonate with their product

App based services or Banking Sector
Could use a mobile based cutout with their screenshot to deliver their message regularly

Startups looking to get product validation could also target specific segments using smaller target groups.

Since the focus is on delivering an amazing customer experience and safety. The quality of the delivery medium is under our scope. However we are open to brands who wish to take this under their area of deliverables provided the quality standards are adhered to.

Once you sign up, we decide the scope of work and the medium. If the medium is not a standard or approved product, our industrial designers would need to certify or rework on the medium as per approved safety guidelines.

The next step is to get the budgets approved
An estimate would be provided based on the medium  of delivery and filter applied. Any task outside the scope of work would be billed extra at actuals and would begin after necessary approvals,

We would initiate delivery of the product along with the emergency contact service to the selected audience and necessary proof of delivery would be provided.

Once the users have activated the service, the campaign manager will receive updates.

Limited communication to the audience via the platform is provided by default via Notifications or SMS updates

The Co-Branding Opportunity


4 wheelers (million)


2 wheelers (million)


Complexes x Average 200 Residential Units


Clubs & Associations

Choose how you would like to experience this space.


Single Brand | Multi brand | Group


Full Service | Online | Offline


Network Partner | Business Partner

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Airport Baggage Loss – 25 million bags per year

of 4.3 billions bags scanned

25 millions bags still get lost every year

According to a BBC report on https://www.bbc.com/news/business-48437262 the number of bags lost just at the airport is staggering. This does not factor bags lost in other modes of transoirt like trains, autorickshaws, buses and cabs

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Think Emergency Contacts

We connect first responders with your emergency contacts instantly

Connect upto 6 global contacts

We never share any numbers, the connection is instant and via a conference call

Road Accidents : Some worrying facts!

India has 1 % of Global Vehicles

Accounts for 11% of Global Accidents

According to https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/ reported on 14th Feb 2021, India’s Road Transport Minister Nitin Gakdari says India’s road accident is more more “dangerous than Covid-19 pandemic”

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Think Emergency Contacts

We connect first responders with your emergency contacts instantly

Connect upto 6 global contacts

We never share any numbers, the connection is instant and via a conference call