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Emergency Contact Service if your vehicle meets with an accident

Plans start @ ₹ 399 per year

Reimburse First Responders for expenses on cabs or ambulance

Paid Plans also include 

Reimbursement of Hospitalization Expenses upto  ₹10,000

Paid Plans have more

Personal Accident Insurance of ₹ 1 lakh incase of death / disability

If it’s Important? Tag it!

Use on gadgets, wallets, bags, pets, keys or anything you wish

Give your lost items, a chance to find you

That honest finder would like to return what you lost.

Get Help or Stuff Back

Keep your Privacy

Tag multiple items

Innovative Insurance

We provide Emergency Contact Services keeping your Privacy Protected.

Incase of an accident, first responders just have to scan the QR code provided and the backend will verify the details and start dialing your emergency contacts. This is also extremely helpful if you lose something important like a gadget, bags, wallets, pets. The system is simple & easy to use, it does not require any mobile app.

In India there is a unique Insurance policy bundled with the premium services where for the first time every, a first responder(Third party) is compensated for taking you to a hospital in an ambulance or a cab. Besides the same plan also covers part of the hospital bill and accidental death.

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You can explore the emergency contact service free for 60 days without insurance the Insurance bundle by signing up and we will send you a digital file with your QR code which you can print and use on your vehicle or any item you wish to tag. Works in India Only

How it works?

Go Premium

When you choose premium or upgrade, you get premium offerings for a year at just over a rupee per day. Benefits include quicker response time, Insurance benefits, hassle free products. Works anywhere in the world.

Exclusive Features

Introducing first of it’s kind Asset Essentials with lowest cost of setup and 100 % reliable. Some of the features initially offered are

Caller Verification

All incoming calls when person initiates a call is verified and details recorded to prevent any prank calls

Ambulance Expenses

In times of an emergency, the person may have to incur some expense to take the user to some medical infrastructure for treatment. We reimburse the person for Cab or Ambulance Expenses upto ₹ 10,000


Privacy Control

We connect the finder or someone who wishes to reach you in an emergency, complete privacy and calls are patched without sharing any contact information.

Hospital Expenses

Emergency hospital expenses that need hospitalization are also reimbursed upto ₹ 10,000.

The policy also includes Personal Accident Insurance of ₹ 1 lakh on Death or Permanent Disability.

Use Cases

Some everyday or occasional scenarios that we can help you connect with people connected to an event that needs attention

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We ensure that we and our team do not compromise using any shortcuts when it comes to delivery high quality value for money products.

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